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Luchesar Iliev [ˌɫɤtʃɛzˈar ilˈiɛv]
Troublemaker-in-Residence, Bulgarian Wikipedia
“As we enjoy great advantages from the inventions of others, we should be glad of an opportunity to serve others by any invention of ours; and this we should do freely and generously.”
Benjamin Franklin, Autobiography, 1793

About me

When not busy pissing people off on Wikipedia,[1] you may find me earning my living as a DevOps & InfoSec Officer—a fancy way of saying “I have no idea what I'm doing”—in a small private company doing R&D in the fields of chem- and nanoinformatics, toxicology, data mining, AI (you knew I'd mention it), and other similar and not that similar stuff.

I enjoy my work very much. It ain't all roses, don't get me wrong, but it manages to satisfy pretty well my almost pathological desire to learn new things, especially about who we are as living things and human beings: how our bodies function, how our brains think, and—most importantly—how can we, hopefully, make ourselves and our lives better.

Unexpectedly, I've studied economics—not computer science, engineering, or chemistry, as many people tend to assume. My master's degree is, in fact, in Corporate finance. Yes, I did once plan to become obscenely rich: speedy cars, luxurious yachts, gorgeous girls—you know, all that GTA V stuff. But then I saw the light. That's all you need to know.

When I say “sorry, I have plans”, it likely means that I'm either reading, listening to music, travelling to places I've never seen before, running in the park, climbing some hill with a great view, doing home repairs, enjoying my bike, or just sitting on my couch, watching as clouds and planes fly by. Or sleeping. Or, well, pissing people off on Wikipedia.

Apart from Wikipedia, I also try to help some other volunteer projects, mainly with a bunch of enthusiastic people from the University of Plovdiv, with whom I share the belief that good education is the solution to many of the problems that the world faces today.

My work

I'm an admin on the Bulgarian Wikipedia—by far the largest, if not the only Bulgarian wikicommunity (almost all activity on the sister projects comes from wikipedians). I've been serving the community in this role since 2012, and while I had started editing actively in 2009—and I still do intermittently—administrative work remains my major contribution.

As a sysop, my key interests are community wellbeing, fending off vandalism, identifying and combating disinformation and propaganda, and—more recently—the application of automation and artificial intelligence in those processes and in editing in general.

I'm also trying to serve as a tech ambassador, in hopes of alleviating the gap between the tech people and the volunteer contributors, which could potentially harm the projects.

Besides Wikipedia, I serve as a bureaucrat and sysop on other Bulgarian projects, notably Wiktionary and Wikiquote. I also maintain the wikimedia.bg[2] and wik.pe[3][4][5] domains, as well as the services there, like the community blog and the mailing lists.

I operate four bots: the general-purpose Kerberizer, the experimental AI editor Eliza Beth, the anti-vandalism AI sysop PSS 9, and the interface admin JSS 9.[6]

Since I sign my posts on talk pages with my first name, there's a doppelgänger account Luchesar to prevent impersonation. It is practically never used for editing.

Disclaimer: Any edits, statements, or other contributions, including any expressed opinions, are solely my own and are not shared, supported, or endorsed in any manner by my employers.

Contact me

  • luchesar.iliev(_AT_)gmail.com
  • Discord kerberizer#2535
  • Libera.Chat⋮OFTC kerberizer


  1. I'm a volunteer: I have a day job, a family, and other responsibilities that come first. Please use these contacts only for pressing or sensitive matters that need my personal attention. For everything else, please use my public talk page or the community discussion pages.
  2. The contact methods above will not get priority attention unless the matter is really urgent. My email inbox, in particular, is very busy, so general Wikipedia-related emails may not get a reply from me for days—or, indeed, at all. I am really sorry, but—again—I'm only a volunteer.
  3. Don't ask of me things that go against the rules. There is also no promise of confidentiality: don't send me anything you wouldn't post publicly. This, of course, does not apply to sensitive information related to e.g. vandalism or other administrative matters, sent in good faith.
  4. Threats will be taken extremely seriously and reported to law enforcement.

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  1. Just to be clear: pissing people off is not my intent, but rather the often unavoidable consequence of being an administrator and having to remind everyone in the most heated moments that we all need to abide by certain rules.
  2. wikimedia.bg was once intended for the Wikimedia chapter in Bulgaria, which, however, never materialized. The domain is now governed by the local community.
  3. Use wik.pe/u/your_user_name to link your Meta user page. Jimbo is special: wik.pe/jimbo. Links to the main pages, like wik.pe/en, also work.
  4. Need a special link for a project or initiative, like wik.pe/wlm17bg or wik.pe/wle2016md? Drop me a note!
  5. If you have some clever ideas for wik.pe that would expand its use, please do let me know.
  6. JSS 9 commits changes from GitHub to the JS and CSS pages.
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