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Wikinews on mobile phones[редактиране]

Not sure whether this is already familiar, but thanks to the Sevenval AG a mobile phone version of Wikinews is available online: http://bg.wikinews.7val.com/ --Melancholie 17:39, 26 октомври 2008 (UTC)

Vote for a Multilingual Wikinews[редактиране]

English: Vote here in the request of a Multilingual Wikinews! It will be a new proposal that can to change all the project. Tosão

български:Please translate this message for your language.Tosão

Request flag for GrondinBot[редактиране]

I request the interwiki bot flag for this bot owned by Grondin who is sysop and bureacrat in french Wikinews. This bot creates, changes or removes interwiki links. It uses pywikipedia features. I don't know where I must post this request. Sorry for that. Thank's for all--Bertrand GRONDIN (talk) 13:19, 9 April 2009 (UTC)



Interview with Åse Kleveland[редактиране]

[править] Interview with Åse Kleveland The English Wikinews is going to be organizing an interview with the former Norwegian Culture Minister Åse Kleveland. She was also the head of the Swedish Film Institute and is now the chairwoman of the Norwegian Humanist Association. I am asking Wikinewsies across Europe to contribute questions to her upcoming interview with Wikinews in Oslo. The page is here; please leave questions there and comments to me either on my en.wikinews talk page or my en.wikipedia talk page. Thank you very much! Mike Halterman 06:04, 2 июля 2008 (UTC)