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Accreditation and Google News listings

First-off, please forgive my posting in English. I am, as is all-too-common for people from the UK, linguistically challenged.

I want to raise two issues, as-noted in the subject title of this thread: Reporter Accreditation and listing in Google News.

First up, accreditation has worked rather well for Wikinewsies on the English-language version of the project. Personally, I've been given press access to a number of events, other examples may well be reporters getting behind police lines or landing interviews with major political figures.

I have started a discussion on the English-language version of the project with a view to looking into more than just one project being listed by Google, and other language versions capitalising on accreditation. Please take the time to register any interest in this, the drawbacks from local legal situations, and how we all might better promote Wikinews as a project. --Brian McNeil/talk 12:37, 20 декември 2011 (UTC)[отговор]

Thank you, Brian. The Bulgarian Wikinews is not very active novadays, but I'll try to be of use, if I can. -- Григор Гачев 00:39, 21 декември 2011 (UTC)[отговор]