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If a page in a multi-page assistant is meant to be viewable, place a noincuded call to this template at the bottom of the page, thus:


Viewable pages should also be useable by transcluding them into another page of the assistant, hence the noinclude.

Also use this template at the start of the Usage section of a /doc subpage for such a page of a multi-page assistant.

If a viewable page is also meant to be an entry point for its assistant, it should additionally use {{dialog/ifsupported}} to behave gracefully when accessed directly as a wiki page rather than through verb view.

For templates in an assistant, see {{assistant/template}}. For single-page assistants, see {{assistant/single}}. For non-template pages documenting an assistant, see {{assistant/documentation}}. For dialog edit forms in an assistant, see {{assistant/form}}.

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